Project ReBloom at Margaret Tietz!

The community got together under the direction of Sharyn Schneider and volunteers came to plant bulbs and mums to beautify Margaret Tietz's garden and bring joy to all that come to see it. Here is the original letter from Sharyn which was the impetus for the initiative. August 15, 2016 I have a friend that was unfortunately hit by a car last summer as she crossed the street in Great Neck. It was a hit and run accident---the driver never found. After months in the hospital, my friend was transferred the Margaret Tietz Rehab and Nursing Center in Jamaica Hills, Queens, NY This is a wonderful facility founded in 1971 to serve Holocaust survivors. My friend is still paralyzed and spends almost all her time in her room. A few weeks ago she agreed to go with me (she's in a wheelchair) to "The Garden". It was a beautiful day with lots of wheelchair bound people sitting outside, but when we got to the garden, we were very disappointed to see there was no garden. Lots of large planters, a fountain, a sprinkler system and wheelchair accessible ramps--but no flowers or color at all. My "Martha Stewart" genes started working, and when I went back for another visit this week I approached the administration of Margaret Tietz with my plan for what I will now call, "PROJECT REBLOOM". Apparently a thriving garden once existed but they lost the gardner and soon the plants. I want to create color and a beautiful place for the 200 residents of this 5 star facility. The residents are physically disabled, frail elderly and people with chronic health problems, but they make the most of every day they have. There are many High School volunteers that will be able to help me with digging and planting. The maintenance staff will be able to water. I am asking for a tax deductible contribution to help me make The Garden bloom again, and bring some beauty into the lives of the Margaret Tietz residents. I would like to be able to plant flowers for the fall and tulips and daffodil bulbs for next spring. Then, slowly but surely add perennials and annuals each spring. One hundred percent of what you donate will be used for PROJECT REBLOOM. Checks should be made payable to: Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehab Center and sent to me at: 41 Farm Lane, Great Neck, NY 11020 (Please put Project ReBloom in the memo) I promise before and after picures. I welcome anyone who would like to help me plan, shop and weed The Garden. In the words of the Beatles, "I get by with a little help from my friends". Thank you so much! Sharyn