Holocaust Remembrance Day at Margaret Tietz

Our Annual Memorial Service was held on the morning of April 28th, with six candles lit in remembrance of the six million who perished. They were lit in formation by Mr. Yoel Lichstein, Ms. Trudy Schwarz, Mr. David Widawsky, Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky, Mr. Henry Conston and Mr. Robert Levine. The program was opened by Yoel Lichstein, Executive Director of Margaret Tietz, and chaired by Rabbi Zavel Pearlman, Rabbi at Margaret Tietz, with the Kaddish recited by David Widawsky, who is on the Board of the Holocaust Center, the QJCC and International March of the Living. Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky, Rabbi of Chabad of Northeast Queens, moved the crowd with his heartfelt rendition of Kel Maley Rachamim and Ani Maamin, and everyone joined in to sing Hatikva. It was a solemn and poignant event imbued with dignity and meaning, as attendees pledged to never forget. Remembrance is our protection, our duty and our commitment.