Sweet Readers Program at Margaret Tietz

The Sweet Readers Program at Margaret Tietz began 4/05/17 and includes 5 residents and 10 students - a two to one ratio. This is a 6 week pilot program that we are hoping to be able to continue through grant support. Sweet Readers, a public charity formed in Manhattan in 2011, connects trained middle school students (called Sweet Readers) and adults living with Alzheimer’s for immersive arts based programs. The Sweet Readers mission is to empower young people through training, transformative programs and communities of support to revitalize adults with AD and become catalysts for better healthcare for our aging population. Today, Sweet Readers expanded to Queens with the UNIS Sweet Readers program at Margaret Teitz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The UN International School Sweet Readers will be working with our residents for six weeks and as they together create a community quilt, they will discover each other and make new friends! For more information about Sweet Readers, please email: info@sweetreaders.org or visit their website at www.sweetreaders.org