A Letter of Commendation

Dear Mr. Seminaro, With the beginning of 2013, I realized I have not adequately thanked you for all you are doing for Joel Thaler. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. The staff are remarkable in how they understood his brain injury and the patience and compassion they show when interacting with my husband. From the kitchen staff who have to deal with his new dietary quirks, the physio department, recreation department, housekeeping, maintenance, medical staff, and the 5th floor staff who all go beyond the call of duty in their care and diligence. Everyone who is not even involved in his care is friendly and helpful. I commend you for leading such a fabulous group of people. Although I don't like to mention one particular person, I must mention Rabbi Pearlman. He is the glue that has held everything together for us. Besides the fact that he seems to know all the staff and residents so well, his caring, thoughtful, devoted manner has connected everything for us. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious. I happened to sit in on several of his classes. I watched as he went to each person at Succoth to make sure they all held the lulav and etrog. He never discriminated between those who were completely unaware and those who understood. All were treated with the same respect. At Chanukah time, he gave a small lecture each night before the candles were lit. He made sure he mentioned each person and included everyone. He even had his son bring a keyboard one night as he knew one resident is very musical and he was trying to stimulate her. He didn't speak down to anyone, but treated each person as an intelligent, functioning person. I also sat in on one of his weekly classes. I would have given up had I been teaching. He actually drew out a lot of people which shocked me as to how they responded to him. The most amazing thing is that my husband, who gets so confused and mixed up, looks forward to his weekly classes. In the class I attended, he asked my husband a question to which my husband correctly responded. I was shocked! It seems that this was a continuation from the previous week, and my husband had actually retained what Rabbi Pearlman had taught. When I have had questions about staff, procedures and general things, I find I can go to the Rabbi and he seems to know all the staff and can answer my questions. It is a great comfort to know there is one person to connect everything for me. Again, I would like to that you for all you are doing for my husband. Happy New Year!